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Stardust thoughts on it.

I realize adaptations are just that...adapted, but I was disappointed with the change in the tone of the story. The book was ageless, with a level of storytelling that was neither just for children or for adults, but both. The movie seemed to suffer from Hollywood's ever constant habit of adding "CUTE" to the story to make it appealing to younger and less attentive audiences. As much as I love De Niro, his character was so far over the top it was nowhere near the book. And the cliche confrontation at the end was pure Hollywood as well. The very ending with them living happily ever after was an acceptable change, but overall I found the movie to be anything but a faithful adaptation of Gaiman's work. I guess Neil has to settle for certain comprises to see his work on the big screen, but I'm sorry to see it so.
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I never even heard of it until my friend told me that she was going to see it.. I guess it's because I don't have cable *LOL* I need to read one of Gaiman's books besides the Sandman series one of these days.
we went to go see it last night, and i honestly had no clue it was an adaptation of anything, so my judgement is purely on the movie.
i liked it, i thought it was a good fairy tale. the deniro character did kinda stick out as stuck in..i dunno. but i liked it. it was kinda...muted feeling over the whole thing? seemed like something was missing
but definitely a rainy day movie if it were given to me or if i bought it.